Online Coronavirus (Covid 19) Infection Prevention Guide for the Beauty Industry

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This course is a fully accredited course, which makes it fully insurable once completed.

This online training for Coronavirus (Covid 19) Infection Prevention is especially developed for the beginner Beauty Specialist and Advanced Beauty Specialist alike who wants to advance their  knowledge needed to move into the prevention of viruses.

This Course Covers:

    • Understanding Coronavirus
    • The Chain of Infection
    • Transmission of the Disease
    • Pandemic and Epidemic
    • History of coronavirus
    • Understanding Pathogens
    • Reducing the spread of Covid-19
    • Preparing to re-open a Beauty Workplace
    • Social Distancing in a Beauty Workplace
    • PPE
    • PPE Video Demonstration
    • Hand Hygiene
    • Hand Washing Video Demonstration
    • Sterilisation of Tools
    • Surfaces
    • Towels and Laundry
    • Waste Disposal
    • Cross Infection
    • Safety In the Salon
    • Risk Assesments
    • Mobile Technicians
    • Handling Money
    • Client Changes
    • Treatment. Modifications
    • Staff Adjustments

This course does not require any case studies however once you have completed this course, if you would like some feedback from our experienced tutors please join our Facebook group alternatively send a before and after picture to courses@theonlinebeautycourses.com

This Course is a Stand alone course, but is a Fantastic Add on to our Online Health, Hygiene and Safety course

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