Powder Dip Extension Course Kit

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Start your nail tech journey with the perfect kit. Containing EVERYTHING that you will need to apply a set of Powder dip nails.
– Acetone Is the perfect and safest  way to remove nails.
– Nail varnish remover, when using normal polish this is the perfect way to remove without damaging the Acrylic underneath.
–  The Prospa Cuticle oil twist pen is an easy way to distribute the correct amount of cuticle oil needed to refresh the cuticle.
– Prospa Cuticle softener is perfect to use during a Manicure treatment making it much easier to treat those stubborn cuticles.
– Nail glue used to stick plastic tips onto the natural nail.
– Soak off foils can be used with acetone to remove false nails or gel polish.
– When using normal polish be sure to use your buffing blocks after filing in the powder dip to create a smooth surface area.
– Prospa Cuticle Nippers have a beautiful Stainless Steel Rainbow Effect and a Spring loaded leaver making a steady and precise cut. Use to remove unwanted excess cuticles.
– Our Prospa Cuticle pusher also has a beautiful Stainless Steel rainbow effect. Use to push back unwanted excess cuticles so ready to nip off.
– Pro spa nail tip cutters are precise and sharp. Great for cutting down those tips before shaping them.
– 80/80 Grip files are the perfect strength for filing over acrylic. Be sure to score the edges before use!
– Box of tips 0-9. A wide range of different sizes ensures that you will cover all different nail types.
– A dust brush is a great way of removing access dust from your clients Hands and nails  in between filling.


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