Prospa Eyelash Extension Course Kit

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Individual lash kit:

Get fully equipped to create the perfect sets of  Classic eyelashes. This kit contains EVERYTHING that you will need to start lashing.

– This Prospa pro+ Lash Adhesive has been specially formulated to the need of a Professional Eyelash technician.  Dries in just one second, with minimum fumes and odur, reducing the risk of an allergic reaction. The retention rate is approximately 6-8 weeks. Formaldehyde Free.

– Prospa #1  Eyelash Extension Tweezers – Russian Lash Fan Technique or Classic Lash pick up. Very lightweight. Great design that is easy to use with a  Unique Rainbow colour.  Hand tested therefore making them in good working order before sent out.

–  Prospa #2 Tweezers perfect to use alongside Prospa #1 tweezers. These Tweezers are sure to improve work efficiency and technique.

– Prospa Foaming Lash and Lid Shampoo is specially designed for eyelash extension wearers. The rich and soft from removes excess oil, dust, and makeup residue from the eyelashes without affecting the eyelash extension and their glue bonds. The perfect after-care for your clients.  High-performance ingredients that help nourish and moisturise without damage. The perfect aftercare for your clients. Making lash extensions last longer and prevent the build-up of dead skin/oils and lice.

– This Prospa Gel remover will easily and quickly remove eyelash extension glues/adhesives without harming the natural lashes. The gel formula is great once applied as it does not migrate from the area, preventing it from seeping into the eyes like some other fluid removers. This gel remover is medical grade and adheres to EU regulations and ISO Approval.

– This Eyelash Extension Mirror has double the size of a normal lash mirror giving you the full image of what the lash extensions look like from the other side as if you were standing in front of your client. Lightweight Rainbow Aluminium. Therefore this is a great accessory for any Lash Tech.

– Prospa cleansing protein pads are the perfect tool when it comes to prepping eyelashes. Active ingredients will break down and remove cosmetics, oil, and the lashes’ own protein protection, allowing for a long-lasting bond. One tub contains 75 pre-moistened cleaning pads.

– Silver glue dots are perfect for protecting your jade stone. its material is still able to Absorb the coolness generated by the stone.

– This round cut Jade stone is ideal for keeping eyelash extension adhesive cool throughout the treatment. This can easily be covered with silver glue dots or cleaned off with eyelash adhesive remover. To help keep it clean and easily ready to be reused for the next customer.

– Comfortable Prospa under eye pads to keep your client’s bottom lashes completely protected and out of the way during an eyelash treatment. Importantly they keep the client’s eyes cooled and refreshed throughout treatment.

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Prospa individual lash Extension Course Kit Includes:

  • Prospa bag.
  • Pro plus lash adhesive 5ml.
  • #1 Prospa Rainbow tweezers.
  • #2 Prospa Rainbow tweezers.
  • One 0.20 eyelash tray.
  • Foaming lash and brow cleanser.
  • Prospa rainbow eyelash mirror.
  • 25 Mascara wands.
  • Cleansing protein pads 75pcs.
  • 10 Under eye pads.
  • 1 Sheet of silver dots.
  • one Jade stone.
  • 1 Face mask.

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Prospa Gel Polish Course Kit
Prospa Eyelash Extension Course Kit

£ 99.99 inc VAT

Pay £99.99 in 30 days or £33.33 in 3 payments interest-free with

£ 99.99 inc VAT

Pay £99.99 in 30 days or £33.33 in 3 payments interest-free with

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