Online Aromatherapy Massage Course

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This online training for Aromatherapy Body Massage is specially developed for the beginner and experienced beauty specialist alike who wants to offer Aromatherapy Body Massage as a new treatment on their menu, it is advised to do the Online Body Massage Course first for all the underpinning knowledge and experience needed for advanced massage techniques

This Course Covers:

  • Bespoke First Aid for the Beauty Sector
  • Health, Safety and Hygiene for the Beauty Sector
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • History of Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • What is Aromatherapy Body Massage?
  • Benefits of Aromatherapy Body Massage
  • Different types of Aromatherapy Body Massage Movements
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage Products and Equipment
  • Treatment Set Up
  • Client Consultation Process and Procedure
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage Step by Step Procedure
  • Aromatherapy Body Massage Video Demonstration
  • Aftercare

This course is a fully accredited course, which makes it fully insurable once completed.

This course does not require any case studies however once you have completed this course, if you would like some feedback from our experienced tutors please join our Facebook group alternatively send a before and after picture to courses@theonlinebeautycourses.com

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