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Online Hyaluron Pen - No Needle Filler Course
Online Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler Course

£ 399.99 inc VAT

  • USD: $455.14
  • NZD: $771.52
  • EUR: €456.27
Pay £399.99 in 30 days or £133.33 in 3 payments interest-free with

£ 399.99 inc VAT

  • USD: $455.14
  • NZD: $771.52
  • EUR: €456.27
Pay £399.99 in 30 days or £133.33 in 3 payments interest-free with

Online Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler Course

£ 399.99 inc VAT

  • USD: $455.14
  • NZD: $771.52
  • EUR: €456.27
Pay £399.99 in 30 days or £133.33 in 3 payments interest-free with

Our online hyaluron pen course is perfect for advanced beauty specialists who would like to offer this fast growing treatment to their clients.

Worldwide Accreditation • Insurance Available
Instant Access • Virtual Assessment

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Online Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler Course

The hyaluron pen (no needle filler) is one of the fastest-growing treatments in the beauty industry, so this is a great opportunity to learn this great technique.

Here at The Online Beauty Courses, we are now able to offer Advanced Beauty Courses through our State-of-the-art Virtual facilities, where we can conduct your virtual assessment with a live interactive tutor zoom session to answer any questions you may have and watch you do your treatment on your model.

Your theory for this course can be done at your own pace through our student portal, once purchased you will be sent an email instantly (check junk mail) with your login details so you can get started.

Course Duration 8 hours plus case studies and virtual assessment
Course Accreditation Accredited by CPD
CPD Credits Online Hyaluron Pen - No Needle Filler Course
Insurable Yes, through your insurer or through Finch Group
Assessment 2 case studies and 3 hour virtual live assessment via Zoom with a tutor
Treatment Price This treatment is priced at £150 - £450 depending on your location and the area of skin being treated
Treatment Time One to several treatments taking around 30-45 minutes each
Treatment Frequency The treatment lasts 3-6 months

This Course Theory Covers

  • Bespoke First Aid for the Beauty and Aesthetic Sector
  • Health, Hygiene and safety
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • What is Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler
  • Benefits of Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler
  • Products and Trolley set up
  • Client Consultation Process and Procedure
  • Client Suitability and Pricing
  • Different Skin Types
  • Ageing and Healing Processes
  • Insurance and Legal Requirements
  • Treatment Areas and their Techniques
  • Practising Techniques
  • Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler Step by Step
  • Hyaluron Pen – No Needle Filler Procedure – Video Demonstration
  • Aftercare

This Course’s Assessment

Once the theory is complete you will be ready to complete your two case studies that will need to be sent to our fully qualified tutors at [email protected] where the tutors will then assess your work and give you feedback and answer any questions that you have so you are ready for your 4-week final assessment that will be conducted over a live 2-hour interactive zoom session where the tutor will oversee and assess your live treatment. The tutor will give you feedback and if the assessment has successfully been completed a hard copy of your certificate will be sent out to you.

This Course’s Kit

You will need to purchase a kit for this course, in order to properly complete the training. You can order this from our course kit section or here. If you require more equipment please visit

  • Hyaluron Pen
  • 5 x ampoules (empty)
  • 2 x 1ml fine filler (enough for 4 treatments at 0.5ml each)
  • 5 x – Gloves, Hairnets, Face masks, alcohol wipes, disposable aprons

Also, Consider

No Pre-Requisites needed however we do recommend that you hold Anatomy and Physiology at a Level 3/4 standard – if you don’t we have an online course for Anatomy and Physiology Level 3/4.

If you would like to do this course with a live virtual demonstration of the treatment and have a chance to do a Q and A with the tutor before you do your case studies and final assessment we can provide this service at an extra charge through our sister company or call our customer service team on 0208 191 7046.


Worldwide Accreditation

This online hyaluron pen course is fully accredited like all our courses, making it fully insurable once completed.

Amazing company to work with

Amazing company to work with. Simple, easy and rapid support response. Course was ordered and as soon as paid in my emails ready for me to start.

Anyone looking to take their business to another level by adding services or growing knowledge I would defo highly recommend this company.

Could not be happier.

Daniella Stow

I knew I was in great hands

I have just completed two courses with this company. From the minute I went on to ask question I knew I is in great hands as I had a reply within minutes. The site is amazing, very well set up and easy to follow and understand. I will 100% be doing further courses with “The Online Beauty Course” so so fast and efficient. Really pleased.

Suzi Bermingham

They genuinely care about you as a person

Just want to say if you’re looking at doing more courses – choose these guys, the courses are fab you have support through it all, and you’re never on your own through the process. Doing online courses is daunting but I’ve done classroom before and then you’re just left to it. With these guys you learn then you do your practical and they are always there.

They genuinely care about you as a person and always willing to answer any questions you have and give you honest feedback.

One of your staff members Maria, has been fantastic. I had issues with my insurance and she called me and put my mind at rest. I’m now insured with Insync and able to carry out treatments known uncovered – she even acidified in have luck she would call them directly for me!

I don’t normally leave reviews but am so blown away with how good everyone has been with me – will deffo book more courses soon.

Becks Cronin

Potential Income

Weekly Treatments
3 6 10
Treament Price
£400 £400 £400
Weekly Earnings
£1,200 £2,400 £4,000
Monthly Earnings
£4,800 £9,600 £16,000
Yearly Earnings
£57,600 £115,200 £192,000


Frequently Asked Questions

Of course. We have a number of Insurance companies that provide our students with insurance so you will be able to practice on friends and family - safe in the knowledge you are fully insured. See our Insurance page for details.

Yes, we perform in-person training at our training academy in Tonbridge, Kent. You can learn more here:

Yes. As soon as you have purchased the course you are emailed instructions on how to access it online immediately. If you don't receive the email check your Junk/Spam folder to see if it in there.

No. You can complete the course at entirely your own pace and take as long as you need.

Yes, you can buy different courses at the same time. If you are buying the course for more than one person, for you team perhaps, then you can buy two or more of each course at the same time as well.

You have access to the course for life.

Yes you can, both during the course and afterwards for a refresher.

Yes, of course. We have partnered with Finch Group to provide our students with insurance for treatments once you've completed the course.


Terms and Conditions

​You will receive an Accredited E – Certificate. This Course is Accredited by CPD Accreditation Group.

If you would like a hard paper copy of your Accredited Certificate please purchase one for £9.99 through our website here.

Kits are available to buy with our online training courses here.

Please note if you purchase and activate the online course it becomes NON REFUNDABLE as you will have accessed course material.

You will get an Accredited E - certificate of Completion once the course has been completed.

The regulations in each country are different for providing beauty services.  The Online Beauty Courses are not responsible for meeting any regulations that individuals need to comply with in regards to their own country's insurance and standards.

Kits are available to buy with our online training courses here.

Please note if you purchase and activate the online course it becomes NON REFUNDABLE as you will have accessed course material

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