Prospa Acrylic Nail Extension Course Kit

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Acrylic nail extensions kit:
Start your nail tech journey with the perfect kit. Containing EVERYTHING that you will need to apply a set of Acrylic nails.
– Acetone Is the perfect and safest  way to remove nails.
– Nail varnish remover, when using normal polish this is the perfect way to remove without damaging the Acrylic underneath.
–  The Prospa Cuticle oil twist pen is an easy way to distribute the correct amount of cuticle oil needed to refresh the cuticle.
– Acrylic powder is a polymer used with a monomer to form a solid.
– Prospa monomer is an “odourless” and translucent liquid used  with acrylic powder.
– Prospa Cuticle softener is perfect to use during a Manicure treatment making it much easier to treat those stubborn cuticles.
– Prospa acid free Primer preps the nail bed removing any natural oils so that the Acrylic can adhere properly and last longer on the natural nail plate.
– Nail glue used to stick plastic tips onto the natural nail.
 Major star nails acrylic brush is the perfect tool to use when applying Acrylic.
– Soak off foils can be used with acetone to remove false nails or gel polish.
– When using normal polish be sure to use your buffing blocks after filing in the acrylic to create a smooth surface area.
– Prospa Cuticle Nippers have a beautiful Stainless Steel Rainbow Effect and a Spring loaded leaver making a steady and precise cut. Use to remove unwanted excess cuticles.
– Our Prospa Cuticle pusher also has a beautiful Stainless Steel rainbow effect. Use to push back unwanted excess cuticles so ready to nip off.
– Pro spa nail tip cutters are precise and sharp. Great for cutting down those tips before shaping them.
– 80/80 Grip files are the perfect strength for filing over acrylic. Be sure to score the edges before use!
– Box of tips 0-9. A wide range of different sizes ensures that you will cover all different nail types.
– A dust brush is a great way of removing access dust from your clients Hands and nails  in between filling.
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Prospa beauty supplies is an up and coming leading supplier to beauty professionals, providing a selection of tried and tested branded products to salons, spas and businesses all over the world. We use our experience and Knowledge to provide our customers with the latest innovations, exclusive brands and exceptional service. With over a combined 75 years of beauty experience we cater to every customers need; Aiming to support many beauty professionals. Prospa Beauty is affiliated with the well-established online beauty course provider theonlinebeautycourses.com

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