Online Beauty Business Skills – Client Management and Beginners Marketing

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As a new or experienced Beauty Therapist in this ever changing Industry its very hard to to figure out where to start with dealing with everyday problems to marketing your treatment menu, especially with all the different avenues of social media and advertising.

Within this Online Business Skills course we aim to guide you in dealing with clients and promoting your business.

This online training for Business Skills and Beginners Marketing is especially developed for the beginner Beauty Specialist and Experienced Beauty Therapists alike, as it provides all the underpinning knowledge needed to be confident to deal with any client situation in the workplace.

This Course Covers:

  • Bespoke Client Management for the Beauty Sector
  • Bespoke Beginners Marketing for the Beauty Sector

This is a perfect starter course to do before moving onto the Online Salon Management Course thats goes into more depth about running a salon with staff and responsibilities.

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