Dermaplaning Course Kit – 5 Treatment Pack

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All your Dermaplaning needs:

Start Dermaplaning straight away with EVERYTHING you need inside this perfect kit. Allowing  you to cover the next 5 clients!

– Easy to use, sharp dermaplaning blades that glide across the skin.

– Gold masks enriched with Collagen, vitamin E, Aloe vera, Propolis and Hyaluronic acid. Combined to luxuriously nourish and hydrate. restoring the skins natural elasticity and vibrancy.

–  Latex and powder free gloves are perfect in a salon environment.

–  Breathable, comfortable hair nets keeping your clients hair out of the way and protected. (dispose after every treatment)

– 99% filtration  therapist face masks, Comfortable and should be worn during every dermaplaning treatment. (Dispose after every treatment)

– Surgical spirit. Perfect for sterilising the skin. Use cautiously and as shown during your training.

– Gauze swabs are the perfect way to dispose of clients dead skin cells and hair follicles.

– Bio Hazard Bags and sharps box. The legal  and safe way to dispose tools used during such treatments as this.

Make sure all your tools are correctly disposed of using the bio hazardous boxes  provided.

It is important to keep safe and avoid cross contamination. 



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